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Why choose a boutique consulting provider?

Updated: Apr 4

I started Resogy, LLC as a way to start working with small, medium and select large companies in helping them mature processes, triage critical issues as well as provide guidance.

My goal is not to engage in multi-year "transformation" or to help them re-invent the wheel. I am not offering to be an outsourced partner for low cost, low value work. There are plenty of options for that (hint: you get what you pay for).

My value proposition is to act as a force multiplier. To fill-in for and/or amplify your organizational capabilities with technology differentiation, cybersecurity practices, technologies and related matters.

Why am I different?

  • Very few boutique companies will offer services from actual C-level executives and the experience, advice and value they can offer. If they do - the costs are far higher than mine.

  • I am not a high volume outsourcer, nor am I a large scale consulting shop that is looking to maximize billable hours. I want to do the work that is needed and help your team maximize their overall execution efficacy.

  • I have the freedom to curate my customer base to maximize synergies. My rates/cost structure reflects a highly personalized approach to working with you and your teams.

  • I offer simple subscription plans for retainer-like services in case occasional calls, advice and/or artifact reviews are needed.

Some areas of practice, where we'll dive deeper in the coming posts:

Contract reviews:

  • I have extensive experience in negotiating and reviewing contracts with vendors, ensuring that the necessary technology and security controls are in place to protect your organization.

  • My attention to detail ensures that contracts are aligned with industry standards and regulations.

Cybersecurity posture review:

  • My cybersecurity posture review service provides a comprehensive assessment of your security program, identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your systems and processes.

  • I provide actionable recommendations to help you improve your security posture and reduce risk.

  • I can also help select a provider and/or guide your team in implementing/running/scaling these services.


  • With my mentoring service, your team will receive personalized guidance and support, tailored to your organization's unique needs.

  • I provide regular feedback and coaching to help your team members grow in their roles and make informed decisions.

  • Cost tiers make it practical for Manager-level and above and the content makes C level engagements very targeted and value-add.

Fractional CISO:

  • My fractional CISO service offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness, allowing you to have a dedicated CISO without the overhead costs of a full-time employee.

  • With my expertise, your organization can implement a comprehensive security strategy that meets your business goals.

  • With this services, I can also help you select/manage/onboard a managed service provider if your risk posture and needs dictate the incremental investment.

Policy review/creation:

  • My policy review and creation service ensures that your policies align with industry standards and regulations.

  • I work with you to create policies that are clear, concise, and easy to implement, ensuring that your organization is secure and compliant.

  • These come from practical policies that have been deployed to publicly traded companies and have stood the test of regulators, insurance underwriters as well as board of directors scrutiny.

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